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Music Club

The Music Club has long been an important part of the EUC music program. Members of this club can often be found together outside the rehearsal studio, cultivating lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. The Club organizes concerts, gives music performances and participates in various social, cultural and philanthropic events on and off campus. The club has made a big contribution to the Antileukemia Association, helping to raise over £33,000 in the last 12 years through its Christmas performances at various places in Nicosia. The club’s president is Mr Panayiotis Karatzias.

Music Education Club

The overall philosophy of the Music Education Club is to provide the means for all interested students from the areas of music education, pre-primary and primary education to further engage in various practical activities that have to do with the teaching of music at all levels, in and outside of schooling. Specifically, the mission of the Music Education Club is to provide practical opportunities for engagement with various musical instruments, ensembles and genres that can be used in music education settings in preschool, primary, middle and high school settings. In addition, it also provides opportunities to learn about and practically experience various music education methods and practices, thus serving as a framework for further informal and formal discussions on historical, philosophical and methodological issues in the area of music education. Finally, the club aims to make students acquainted with current trends and approaches in the area of music education, cultivate a culture of music educators and improve the students’ overall musicianship and music making skills and abilities so as to better prepare them for becoming successful music educators. The club’s president is Dr Yiannis Miralis.

Piano and Piano Pedagogy Club

The aim of this club is to bring together a great number of students interested in the area of piano performance and piano pedagogy by organizing piano recitals, workshops, master classes and seminars in the area of piano and piano pedagogy with the participation of distinguished pianists from Cyprus and abroad. The club’s president is Ms Maria Chomonidou.

Chamber Music & Guitar Club (CMG Club)

The aims of the Chamber Music Club are to present concerts of chamber music with particular emphasis on guitar performances and contemporary chamber music. Through active participation in the club’s activities, students will acquire experience as performers, playing concerts within the chamber music medium. They will also gain experience as composers as they will have the opportunity to present their own works, composed for the chamber music medium or for guitar ensembles, at various concerts. The club gives particular emphasis to guitar performance and encourages the creation of various guitar ensembles consisting of both students and faculty. The club helps students attend various ensemble performances in Cyprus and frequently invites international artists to collaborate with student ensembles and give master classes. The club’s president is Dr Evis Sammoutis.